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The CD 1 MNGOP Resource Center is your one-stop-shop for any resources available to your local BPOU as you prepare for Caucuses, County and Endorsing Conventions, and any other events that may be coming up for your BPOU.

Featured Resources

Event Insurance

Your BPOU can request a certificate of insurance from the MNGOP to rent facilities for BPOU events (Ex. Caucus, Convention, etc.)

Insurance Request Form

Delegate Pathway Infographic

Looking for a one-page document to show newcomers to the political process how to become a Delegate to the different Conventions this spring? We're here to help:

Pathway Infographic

CD 1 Constitution

The CD 1 MNGOP Constituion was last updated at our 2023 Convention. You can view that updated Constitution here:

CD 1 Constitution

2024 Caucuses

The 2024 Caucuses will take place on Tuesday, February 27th at a location(s) determined by your BPOU and will begin at 7 PM. We've condensed a number of resources CD 1 and the State Party are providing to BPOUs, as well as some important dates to note.

Important Dates:

  • February 7th: Deadline to submit Conveners - Submit your Conveners to
  • February 10th: MNGOP Zoom Caucus Training from 1-3 PM
  • February 19th: MNGOP In-Person Caucus Training in the metro from 6-8 PM
  • March 4th: Deadline to submit ALL Caucus data to the Party online

You can find a list of the resources provided by CD 1 and the State Party for Caucuses below (list will be updated as more become available, most will likely not be available until mid-January):

2024 BPOU & Endorsing Conventions

1. Schedule Your Convention

The following Convention information needs to be sent to preferably no later than 12/31/2023:

  • Date
  • Location (Including Address)
  • Registration Open & Close Times
  • Gavel In (Start) Time
  • Will There Be a Lunch Break?

CD 1 will provide suggestions for scheduling endorsing Conventions in a 4/13-4/27 window.

Sample Convention Call

2. Have an Excellent Convention

The following "sample" resources are available to BPOUs for your County and Endorsing Conventions:

If you're looking for a CD 1 officer to assist in chairing your Convention, please email

3. Report Your Results

CD 1 is requesting that results for your BPOU's CD and State Delegate and Alternate elections be submitted no later than the following deadlines:

  • 3/9-3/25 Convention - Please submit results within one (1) week after your Convention
  • 3/26-4/16 Convention - Please submit results within one (1) day after your Convention

Endorsing Conventions - Please submit the names of your endorsed candidates to within one (1) day after your Convention.

2024 CD 1 Convention

Convention Details

Date: 5/4/2024

Location: Jackson County Central High

1128 N Hwy, Jackson, MN 56143

Registration Open: 7:30 AM

Gavel In: 9:00 AM

Registration Close: 11:00 AM

Registration Link (Availability Date TBD)

Convention Call (Available in late February)

Nominations Details

The Nominations Committee will meet in March to determine the details for the Nominations processes for the 2024 CD 1 Convention, including:

  • Candidate Filings
  • Nominations Deadlines
  • Nominating Petition Requirements
  • Candidate Interviews

I Want to Run For...

Congress - Contact Nominations Committee Chair (Available in late February).

National Delegate - CD 1 is allocated 3 Delegates and 3 Alternates to the National Convention in Milwaukee, WI. The candidates these Delegates will be bound to will be determined by the MN Presidential Primary on March 5th.

Click Here to View the National Delegate Application. Deadline to return this application to the MNGOP is 3/31/2024. If the application is not turned in on time, you will not be allowed to run to be a National Delegate, no exceptions.

Presidential Elector - CD 1 is allocated 1 Presidential Elector and 1 Alternate to be a member of the Electoral College.

Convention Documents

Documents will be published as they are completed by their respective Committees.

Agenda (Expected in April)

Rules (Expected in April)

Resolutions (Expected in late April) - BPOUs should submit Resolutions to TBD email

Convention Links (Available in April)

Registration Link

Declaration of Candidacy (Filing) Form

Nominating Petition Form

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